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  Conor Mc Hale      Eva (Offaly) - I am delighted to give a reference for a great personal trainer and a nice guy, Conor McHale. Conor created a dynamic program of cardio and strength exercise routines that proved both challenging and productive and his approach was disciplined and structured. During my time as his client I achieved the physical goals that we set and actually enjoyed the process of working out! But I think more importantly, he made being fit something that I really wanted to achieve myself. He is a great motivator, who is results-orientated, dedicated to his work and to achieving goals.

   Monica - I contacted Conor after hearing about him from a friend. I was doing lots of cardio, bit of weight training and Pilates myself but had absolutely no direction and was getting frustrated because I just didn't know if what I was doing would ever achieve the results I wanted which was to be fit, toned and strong. I also needed to get my exercise done in less time as I was now a mother & didn't have the same time on my hands. Conor took all my concerns on board and devised a weight training programme for me that I could do either at home or in the gym which targeted all my muscle groups and was able to complete in 45 minutes a session. He also addressed my diet and gave me lots of nutritional advise and tips to follow. I finally started to understand what I was doing with weights and how to move forward with them which I really could not understand until I attended Conor. I started to feel much stronger & became much more aware of my diet in a positive way. I would definitely recommend Conor to anyone either starting out or someone like me that enjoys being fit but is a bit lost with it all as he will help set you up and put you on the right road to achieving the results that you want.

   Andrew - Andrew came to me wanting to build muscle and increase his strength. After 24 sessions you can see clear development in his arms, shoulders, chest and stomach while steady and consistent progress was made in the weight lifted for every exercise.
Before and After male
   Andrew - I started my training with Conor in order to try and increase my strength and gain weight in the process. I did have my reservations that I would be able to see any real progress over such a short period of time however, 8 short weights later i can safely say that for the first time in my life i have not been fed up with the gym and have seen great gains over such a short period. From our very first meeting discussing goals to our very last training session he made sure i worked hard and kept me on the right path. He was genuinely interested in my progress and really wanted me to do well and achieve my goals .Conor tailored a plan to suit me and was always there to offer useful info and advice when i needed it. Over such a short period i have seen my weight increase, gains in every weight exercise as well as gaining all round confidence in the gym. Conor really knows what he is talking about and is very well prepared, he knows exactly what your goals are and exactly how to achieve them in the correct way. I could not recommend him highly enough to anyone looking for guidance. Not just a great trainer but a genuinely nice guy as well. Appreciate all your help Conor and best of luck in the future.

   Female Client - The client came to me looking to lose weight and tone up. With her schedule about to fill up, she bought a short package and 5 weeks later she lost 4 kgs and toned up, most noticeably around her mid section. Best of all, this was achieved without doing anything too restrictive or extreme.
Before and After female

   Shane - Thanks very much to McHale Fitness for the great training program the past few weeks. The sessions were really useful and definitely made a big difference to my training. The variety in each training session was brilliant and I would recommend it 100%.

   Ciara - After having a baby I found it difficult to get to the gym and have baby minded so I asked Conor if he could come to my house for an hour twice a week. He had no problem with this request and I was delighted! He arrived to my door on time and I was just so thrilled I didn’t have to pack up everything that goes with a baby and drive to a gym! I found him to be very professional and thorough in his approach. He was committed to helping me achieve my goal. It was great to be able to sweat it out whilst keeping an eye on my baby. He also won’t let you give up too easily and cracks de whip for the full hour!! I would highly recommend Conor if any of you are thinking of some personal training!!

   Kinga - I was looking to tone up in a healthy way so after contacting Mc Hale Fitness by email I decided to hire Conor. I found the training varied, fun and challenging. By the end of my program I was more toned, felt fitter and was stronger than before. I can highly recommend Conor as a personal trainer.

   Billy - Hi Conor, thanks a million for all your assistance and guidance during 2013 in helping me to achieve some of my goals. Sessions are always varied and interesting and your patience in explaining the procedures and benefits are great. Thoroughly enjoy the HIIT classes, the 30 mins is tough but very enjoyable!! Looking forward to continuing the hard work in 2014!! I would highly recommend Conor as a personal trainer for anyone of any fitness level hoping to make a fresh start this year.

   Jenette - I haven't been able to stop telling my friends and family about High Intensity Interval Training since I was introduced to it. I really appreciate how this training fits into my busy life and the results that I'm seeing even with minimal commitment each week. The fact that I can complete an effective cardio training in 30 minutes (including warm up and cool down) and see results by going only twice a week is nothing short of perfect for my busy day to day routine. I tend to quickly get bored with exercise routine but HIIT is designed to be different each session which keeps you mentally engaged in the training each session. Before you know it the training is over and you're off to a great start of your day! Of course, the success of this training wouldn't be possible without a good trainer! Conor is an effective trainer - constantly communicating to you during the training to keep you focused and motivated, changing up the routines and keeping time. None of this intimidating trainer business! Just genuine support and interest in you achieving your fitness goals! Overall - HIIT has been a hit with me - location is so convenient in Cork City Centre, the duration is only 30 minutes and easy to fit into a busy lifestyle and effective, I'm amazed and excited that I'm seeing results for the first time in years because I'm actually sticking to this exercise routine! It works! And for only €5 a session - it's a win, win, win!

   Amanda - I attended personal training sessions with Mc Hale Fitness & really couldn't speak more highly of Conor. I suffer with lower back problems and he devised a programme that was safe and effective to get me back on the road to recovery. Conor is a committed trainer and has a love to help people to be at their personal best. Would highly recommend Mc Hale Fitness!

   Ed - Having tried other trainers prior to starting with Conor, and failing to keep up the work it was great to find someone who actually motivated me to get to the gym in the morning. Conor was very accommodating to my needs as a client. For example he was willing to start an hour earlier than usual in the mornings to suit my work. He also did everything in his power to help me towards my goal. I got all the support, motivation and nutritional information I needed along the way. I now train alone religiously and I am looking better and feeling more confident than ever, but would never have gotten to this point without the help of Conor.

   Ilze - High Intensity Interval Training with Conor McHale is second to none. At first I went out of curiosity and that was enough, I was hooked. The workout intervals change every session and if you think that 30 minutes is nothing, it will definitely challenge you. The teacher is motivational, encouraging, and friendly and always pushes you to the limit yet lets you go at your own pace. I'm not a gym person and I was looking for something fast that could fit in my daily schedule and I’m still amazed the difference I feel in myself. I feel stronger, less tired and my cloth fit me better and that’s all with 30 minutes HIIT. I would definitely recommend HIIT with Conor to anybody as a great workout packed in 30 minutes in a friendly, motivational and up to date environment and located in city centre. Conor is inspiring …and clearly enjoys his work.

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